Life Beyond Lockdown Episode 2: How to handle Scratchiness, Anger and strong emotions during lockdown and beyond

I don’t know about you but we have noticed something shift in the past few weeks as people start to become more and more irritated and scratchy during lockdown. The groundhog-dayness of this is starting to get to people. This giant experimental pressure cooker is pulsating more and more and as Trauma Counsellors we totally understand if you are starting to lose the will to live. Many clients are in this space with more arguments surfacing, houses starting to move into disarray and marriages starting to creak at the seams. The reality is that human beings were not built for lockdown, so we have some COOL techniques and things we recommend you do to stop yourself from chewing your own arm off or possibly ramming some unfortunate person with your shopping trolley next time you do your socially-isolated shop! 🙂

Today’s podcast is all about how to handle strong emotions and the lethargy that comes with this stage of lockdown. We cover topics such as:

1) What health and crime effects we are observing on society and the world at large

2) What the triggers of all of these strong emotions are

3) 10 great Emotional release techniques which you can try out during lockdown or beyond!

This episode is full of practical tips, techniques and advice for what to do in each instance.

NO pressure or preaching, just 2 Trauma Coaches giving advice and keeping it real. 


Adèle Théron

I have the best job in the world – I help courageous people like you to conquer whatever life trauma you're going through and holding you back so you can get back to living and loving your life. And go on to live a life full of powerful possibilities.


  1. Although I am alone & I love it…Thanks for the talk & the tips

  2. Great talk! Thanks very much. Learned a lot. It’s very valuable advice for as you said a very new situation without any blueprint.

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