Life Beyond Lockdown Episode 3: How to rekindle love and desire during lockdown and beyond

Lockdown has created alot of stress and pressure for couples. So many people are finding the groundhog day and endless ‘sameness’ is wreaking havoc on personal relationships. Now that the novelty of the experience has worn off, people need new skills to cope. In today’s podcast, Relationship and Divorce expert Adele talks about the 6 critical signs to watch out for which can spell the end of a relationship or indicate a relationships which is teetering on the edge. She talks about how to step away from that cliff-edge and what the 10 principles of reconnection are. The episode is packed full of great tips to follow to reconnect and rescue the most precarious of situations.

This episode is full of practical tips, techniques and advice for what to do in each instance.


Adèle Théron

I have the best job in the world – I help courageous people like you to conquer whatever life trauma you're going through and holding you back so you can get back to living and loving your life. And go on to live a life full of powerful possibilities.

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