Life Beyond Lockdown Episode 4: How to handle it when stress is killing your relationship

In this episode I delve into the role our hormones and stress levels play in hijacking us from our loved ones. We are wired differently as men and women and our differences are intensified by stress. The fact that we deal with stress differently, means it’s really important to know what  type of support is needed when stressed. I examine the specific mix of actions you can take to reduce those hormones in women vs. men. Instead of resisting, resenting and rejecting our partners, we can learn new ways to provide the support our partners need as well as the support we need. We then stop feeling hopeless and resigned and love can flow once again!

This episode is packed full of ideas you can practice immediately to restore the flow back to your relationship plus gives you communication protocols you can adopt to stop stress arguments from happening. 

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This episode is full of practical tips, techniques and advice for what to do in each instance.


Adèle Théron

I have the best job in the world – I help courageous people like you to conquer whatever life trauma you're going through and holding you back so you can get back to living and loving your life. And go on to live a life full of powerful possibilities.

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